Use Language And Formatting | Search Preferences | Others Option Setting In Blogger Blogspot

Use Language And Formatting | Search Preferences | Others Option Setting In Blogger Blogspot
Senin, 17 Juni 2013
In this tutorial i will show you how to set up the Language And Formatting,Search Preferences for SEO settings in Blogspot with simple and easy tricks. If you make a blog on blogger blogspot then you should first learn everything about blog set up for properly use. In this post i tell you every thing and every heading in details. I also discuss first three headings already in my previous post. And if you want to make all setting prefect then first learn three first heading and its usage and then go next three. Now we are going to discuss the next three main heading about Blogger Best SEO Techniques using Search Preferences and Blogger Tools. Blogger SEO is very important for every blog to get visitors on your blog from search engine. When visitors come form search engine then the worth of these visitors are very high and if you have put PPC programme on your blog or website the you can get more PPC with these tips.

Use Best Blogger Settings Option Basic For SEO And Others Option Links

Language And Formatting:



In the Language and Formatting heading you can easily change or select the desire formatting for your blog. Here you can also select the language of your blog which you want. It  is just simple by visiting the Language And Formatting link and click on the language button with grey color and select your desire language for your blog.

You can also Enable or Disable the Transliteration for your blog easily by selecting on of them.
First click on Enable and then choose or select the language which you want.



In the Formatting Option you can easily select or choose the Time Zone, Date Header Format, Timestamp Format, Comment Timestamp Format, for your blog. If you want to do so then click on Language and Formatting and changes all these option with your choice.

Use Language And Formatting | Search Preferences | Others Option Setting In Blogger Blogspot
Use Language And Formatting | Search Preferences | Others Option Setting In Blogger Blogspot 1

Search Preference:


Search Preferences is the most important and very useful option in blogger blogspot to make or do better SEO for your blog. Here you can select or make your blog search engine friendly but in the Crawl and Indexing option you can also see the Yellow highlighted Banner written with these words.

Warning! Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines.

This is because if you make or do wrong selection for your blog then it is also effect in the search engine and your blog is ignore and left by search engine to show first. If you want to make your blog perfect and also get more visitors from search engine do better SEO according to my tutorial and write original content on your blog then your blog definatly get a lot of visitors in week or in a month. I am also do the same thing and now my blog get thousand of visitors daily.

Meta Tags:


In Search Preferences first of all go to Meta Tags > Description and give your blog description with only 150 Characters because only 150 characters are shown in the search results and more then ignore by search engine that's why select and choose better keywords for your search results.

Errors And Redirection:

In Error and Redirection you can choose, select or customize your Custom Page Not Found means when some one visit your blog with bad link or those link which is not available on your blog. These bad or crawler errors link are formed by using your homepage link first and then any letter or keywords after your homepage blog address. Like below.

Add Custom Page Not Found On Your Blogger Blogspot:

For adding this section on your blog is very easy with simple tutorial if you want to do so then follow my below tutorial for doing this amazing tricks.

Go to Settings.
Go to Custom Page Not Found.
Click on Edit link.
Now click below link and copy the code of your Beautiful Custom Page Not Found and also follow the tutorial given in this link.

I have also a tutorial on how you can easily remove your 404 Error in blogger blogspot using webmaster tools by simple steps and it is also very important to remove it as soon as possible because these errors also slow down your blog indexing speed in Google Search Engine and also take effect on your blog health. To Remove this 404 Error visit below link.

Custom Redirects:

What is Custom Redirects?
Custom Redirects is use when you want redirect your blog link to other website or blog easily when some one click on this link. Means if you have a Domain 1 and you want to attract visitor on domain 1 to domain 2 then you give the link of domain 1 in the custom redirect setting of domain 2 and when visitors from search engine or anywhere visit domain 2 they automatically reach on domain 1.

Use Language And Formatting | Search Preferences | Others Option Setting In Blogger Blogspot 2
Use Language And Formatting | Search Preferences | Others Option Setting In Blogger Blogspot 2

When you give the domain link of any website or blog when visitor click on this domain or blog then they transfer to other blog.

Now the most important and the best option in blogger to get lot of visitors on your blog just using these Two Option. It also very important for any blog to make blog perfect. Every blogger first set these two option then move next steps.

Crawlers And Indexing:

Crawlers And Indexing is very important for any blog it is also same in Webmasters Tools. Crawlers means Google Search Engine which crawlers the search results and shown on page. If you done this job effectively or better then i sure you get many visitors on your blog. If you are successful to tell about your blog to Google Crawlers or Google Bot then no one defeat you in the race of blogging.

I already tell you about warning message in between my this post. This warning is given by search engine.

Custom Robot .Txt File:

It is very important point or feature in Google Blogger we easily control all our blog content which we want show to search engine and which we not want to show to search engine it is our choice. We can easily Allow or Disallow our content to show or not show in search engine. But now I give you simple robot .txt file which you can easily add in this option. If you want to know about more about Robot .txt file then i have also a big tutorial on it and also proper Blogger SEO Procedure.  How I Can Use Crawlers And Indexing Tool In Blogger

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Now Just replace the link of my blog with your blog address and paste this robot .txt file in the Custom Robot .text box by click on edit link.

Custom Robots Header Tags:

For better selection of Custom Robots Header Tags i have already write the best and easy tutorial on setup of Robot Header Tags. If you want to also do so the click below link and do according to the tutorial and make your blog Search Engine Friendly.

Use Language And Formatting | Search Preferences | Others Option Setting In Blogger Blogspot 3
Use Language And Formatting | Search Preferences | Others Option Setting In Blogger Blogspot 3

When you have done this then click on save button and enjoy this trick.


In the Others option you can make many changes means you can export, import, delete your blog. Also set the Site Feed in this Blog Tools option. Also Open ID, Adult Content or Google Analytic.

If you want to delete the blog address or delete your whole blog for some problems like you not like your home address of your blog and you can also write about too much post which you can not write again the you can easily import your blog first and delete it. And after it you can export your blog to new blog address i have a easy tutorial on it if you want to do so then click below link.

Site Feed:

In Site Feed you can allow Full Site Feed, After Jump Break, Custom Feeds, None or Short Site Feed which you like to show on your Blog Feed Burner or on Blogger Homepage.

Adults Content:

In the Adults Content you can also set this option. If you make a Adults Blog which you want not show to children's then you just Yes or No the blog setting on Adults Content and when some one visit your blog then your blog show the Warning Message for Children to don't visit this site this is only for Adults.

Google Analytics:

In this option you can just paste the Google Analytic ID of your blog. Google Analytics Web Property ID is the Number Code which is located in your analytic account when you make your blog or website analytic account. For this Just Copy the Code from your analytic account and paste here. I have also a tutorial on Proper Analytic Account Creation.

Now i give you six most important steps for blogger SEO and make it perfect using these 6 Headings if you have any question about this then using contact us page contact with me and tell me about your problem and also tell me can you understand my written content or not.

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