Simplifying The Practice of Blogging With Software

Simplifying The Practice of Blogging With Software
Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013
Blogging is a minefield filled with problems, conundrums, and trip wires. Whether it’s coming up with inspiration or maintaining focus on your current piece, there’s a piece of software to help you along. These pieces of software all work with portable devices. There are also some which work with the iPad and Apple Mac.

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Generating Ideas for Your Blog: 


InboxQ is an app which plugs you in to Social Media. Just type in some keywords and it will give you some of the questions people are currently asking on Twitter. Answer some of these questions to interest your readers.

There’s also Content Idea Generator (V2) for locating news from the more popular news websites. This is great for blogs which want to stay current and updated with recent happenings. Alltop essentially does the same thing by bringing up current major headlines.

Store Articles for Later:


Diigo software creates libraries of interesting articles. This is another one for those who find themselves running out of inspiration. Bookmark intriguing online articles, highlight sections, and even add sticky notes. These added functions also make it possible to use it for in-depth research.

Keep Focused:


Staying focused isn’t always the easiest thing with blog posts. Writers with short attention spans should consider using desktop timing software. This type of software makes a sound after a certain interval which indicates you can take a break. Focus Booster is one of the most popular versions of desktop timing software.

Simplifying The Practice of Blogging With Software
Simplifying The Practice of Blogging With Software

MarsEdit Mac Writer:


Mac users should seriously consider installing MarsEdit. It’s a piece of software which allows easy access to your blogs, where you can write and edit for them. You don’t have to write them in your browser any longer.

MarsEdit also connects with your GUI software. When you’re finished writing, just upload it and the app will do the rest. Writers who prefer to concentrate exclusively on the blog post will find the most use from MarsEdit.

iPad Blog Management:


An increasingly popular option for blog writing is the iPad. It’s more difficult to write it with smartphones, and carrying a laptop around with you all day in the hope you catch a spark of creativity isn’t viable. The iPad is the best of both worlds. It’s portable and its bigger screen makes dealing with blog posts far easier.

If you want to try blogging with the iPad, you have a few software programs you can install.

The official WordPress app is a ‘must have’ for any WordPress-based blog. Add or edit your blog posts with this application without having to login to your browser. Combine it with BlogPress for uploading your new blogs to social media.

Dragon Dictation lets you speak into the iPad. It takes your voice and writes the words directly on the screen. The dictation isn’t perfect, but it’s readable. PhotoPad add photos and provides a basic box of editing tools.

You can also market your blog with Disqus Pro App via the comments section. Use it alongside Google Analytic to stay updated on its progress.


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