25 Best | Top | High | Web Blog Directories For URL Submission Quickly Pinging In Google Search Engine

25 Best | Top | High | Web Blog Directories For URL Submission Quickly Pinging In Google Search Engine
Rabu, 26 Juni 2013
In this tutorial i have to much Blog Directories Links/URL in which we submit our blog or website to attract more visitors on blogspot or website easily by submitting our Blogger URL. These directories are the biggest source to ping our blog in Google Search Engine. Because when we submit our blog URL then Google pick the URL of our website for these already indexed website. Then our blog also make his seat in Google Search Engine and also Google Crawler or Google Bot like this blog which easily indexed by Google Bot. But one thing is very important always write Original Content or Publish Content Full post on your blog if you want to get more organic traffic.

List Of Best And Good Web Blog Directories To Indexed Your Blog In Search Engine Instantly:

I am going to give you a list of blog directories URL which increase your traffic and worth also in Google Search Engine. SEO is also very important fact. It is also a type of SEO (Search Engine  Optimization). I get this tricks by doing many time means i nearly make 10 blog on blogspot and i put this trick again and again and i get good results With in 1 Month my blog is quickly indexed by Google Crawler. If you also want to do this then i show you how to easily add your blog link in these directories and also how to make account in these directories.

Top 2 Blog Directories Which Is Very Important:


These two blog directories are useful for new bloggers/newbie to get or drive more readers or traffic to their blog. Keep in mind one think don't get the widget/buttons/gadget or reciprocal links and also don't put or embed them these link on your blogger these things are useless but add your blog in these directories and also if you want to reciprocal link the put it in your template background. 

First add your blog above two directories and then use or add your Blogger home URL in these below links directories.
25 Best | Top | High | Web Blog Directories For URL Submission Quickly Pinging In Google Search Engine
25 Best | Top | High | Web Blog Directories For URL Submission Quickly Pinging In Google Search Engine

  1.     http://www.alltop.com 
  2.     http://www.blogarama.com 
  3.     http://www.directory.blogaz.net/submit.html
  4.     http://www.blog-collector.com/submit.php
  5.     http://www.blogs-collection.com
  6.     http://www.directory-free.com/submit/submitted.php 
  7.     http://www.directory.ldmstudio.com
  8.     http://www.blogdire.com/add-blog.php
  9.     http://www.blog-directory.org
  10.     http://www.blogdirectory.ws/suggest-listing.php?id=0 
  11.     http://www.blogflux.com
  12.     http://www.blogfolders.com
  13.     http://www.bloggernity.com
  14.     http://www.bloghints.com/submit.php
  15.     http://www.dashboard.bloglines.com/signup
  16.     http://www.blogpopular.net
  17.     http://www.blogrankings.com 
  18.     http://www.blogrollcenter.com/index.php
  19.     http://www.blogsavenue.com
  20.     http://www.blogratedirectory.com
  21.     http://www.blogsearch.google.com
  22.     http://www.blogsrater.com
  23.     http://www.blogtoplist.com
  24.     http://www.topofblogs.com 
  25.     http://www.blogarama.com

          One Of Biggest Search Engine For Newbie Blogger And Its (Google and Bing):

          Add your blogger blogspot Sitemap to these major search engine first and then write second post. I give you some best and most popular search engine tips for adding sitemap of your website or blog to these search engine.

          Sitemap of Your Blogger Is Submitt to Major Search Engines
          How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools And Submit Sitemap

          I have also best tips for blogger blogspot SEO after doing these tips you can really get more visitors on your blogspot or website easily.

          Easy Tricks To Get Lot Of Visitors On My Blogger

          If you want to indexing your blog in search engine quickly then i have also a big trick for having that follow the link below properly and get visitors with lot of hits on your blogger or website blog.

          How I Can Use Crawlers And Indexing Tool In Blogger

          Now if you have face any problem about your blog SEO, Blogger Template, Blogger Widget or Gadget and any CSS installation in your blog template or also to make beautiful and best looking blogger then give your important comments on my blog and i definitely check this out and also guide or reply you with my best and easy trick to you. Also like my blog and subscribe it.  I have also give you some beautiful widget links for adding in your blog template or also make your blog best looking blogger.

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