How I Remove Or Change Blogger Post Image Border In Blogspot

How I Remove Or Change Blogger Post Image Border In Blogspot
Rabu, 01 Mei 2013
Blogger post image border is big problem remove/delete this images border line or box easily with simple tricks. Some times you see border line with post image in blogger its not good looking this tutorial show you how you can easily change it or remove. If you have good looking blog and you get daily hundred of visitors on your blog then you should make it perfect for looking beautiful. Below paragraph easy tutorial is given on this problems to solve it.

If your are using latest template Like Simple and Awesome Inc Black then read below link tutorial.

How Remove Photos/Images Border In Simple Or Awesome Inc Templates Blogger

When we start blogging then some times we want to remove, delete or changes then image border of a custom blogger template. I will show you how it is easy to make changes to your templates so that you can get rid of useless image borders around all the images which is appear on your all blog posts or images.

Remember this tutorial is for those blogger which are custom templates and the previous blogger templates. But if you are using now new Blogger Templates with New Interface then my above post is about those templates which is new interface. You can easily manage and done this tutorial in 3 minutes.

How You Can Remove/Delete and Get Rid of Image Borders in Blogger Posts:

Now start tutorial with most and very helpful tricks and simple steps.

Go to
Go to Templates.
Go to Edit HTML.
First Download your template in your computer. By click download template.
Find the following code which i given below in your blogger templates.
Remember that Blogger templates queries varies but this code is only that which you will find on a Blogger Minima Template and most other default Blogger templates.

 .post img {


border:1px solid $bordercolor;


If you can't find this above code in your blogger templates then you should find the below code.


padding: 4px;

border:1px solid $bordercolor;


There are two ways to get rid of the unwanted border image code. You can either:

Remove the following line:

 border:1px solid $bordercolor;
Change it the following:


Click on the Save Template Button. 
Now you have done your work. 

If you want to change the border line of your blog post image then i have post a tutorial about this on next day how to change.

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