How Easily Delete/Remove/Get Rid Blogger Blog Tricks In Blogspot

How Easily Delete/Remove/Get Rid Blogger Blog Tricks In Blogspot
Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013
You can easily delete or remove blogger blog with simple steps. How to delete blog any following just do some blogger tricks or hacks. In this tutorial my blogger tricks is how you are remove or delete blog just one click. I have also a big and easy way to remove Blogger Account easily to remove the blog on This way is remove your blogger account permanently and you can't used it anymore. But your Gmail Account, Google Adsense Account, Google+ Account and some features like Google App Engine Admin Console, Google Alerts, Web History, iGoogle, Google Talk are save but you have not Blogger Account.

Why We Should Remove Blog From Blogger Blogspot:

There are three main reason for changing or removing the URL address or Blog or Delete Blog.
  • When we start blogging on our blog for just time pass and some small advertising of your Sponsor Ads for few days or few months then after working on it we want to remove it from blogspot and also remove it from internet history.
  • Second main thing is when we are going to start our blog then if we make our blog address and after few hours or few days we are not like this address of our Blog (URL Of Blog) then also we want to remove it and make some new one.
  • One of the most common reason is that when blog address are not showing up in the Google Search Engine then we thing this URL address have some problem then we also think that remove it and make some new one. 
How Easily Delete/Remove/Get Rid Blogger Blog Tricks In Blogspot

How To Remove Or Delete Blog on Blogger Blogspot Without Blogger Account:

Some visitors and my friend ask me write a easiest and simple post or tutorial on how to delete a blog on blogspot then i decide to write simple and best tutorial on it. Below i give the tutorial about deleting blog without deleting Blogger Account.

How Easily Delete/Remove/Get Rid Blogger Blog Tricks In Blogspot 1
  1. Go To
  2. When you are on Dashboard select/choose the blog you want to delete but remember if you have more then one blog then make sure you are in the right blog.
  3. Click Setting > Others. See in the Pic 1.To see clearly click on image.
  4. Now first Export your blog to save your all post and data after import data later on new address.
  5. Click Export Link and Download Your Blog. See in the Pic 2.
  6. When you are download your blog and save into your computer then now delete blog.
  7. Click Delete Link with Export Blog and your blog is delete now.

How Easily Delete/Remove/Get Rid Blogger Blog Tricks In Blogspot 2

Tips and Troubleshooting:

If you want to come back your blog in or Undelete it then just go to your Blogger Dashboard and click the link box of Delete Blog and select your blog and Undelete it and your blog is back it own position immediately.

Now when you will be returned to the Dashboard. Notice that your blog is not visible in the list of your blogs. Blogger allows you 90 days grace to having back.

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