How Add RSS And Live Traffic Feed For More Visitors On Blogger Blogspot

How Add RSS  And Live Traffic Feed For More Visitors On Blogger Blogspot
Senin, 06 Mei 2013
Add or put RSS feeds on blog with easy tricks to get more visitors and pageviews. Google RSS Feed Burner is one of main source to get a lot of traffic on blog or website by making account on Google RSS feeds.

In this small tutorial you will learn how you can easily make account in Google RSS feeds of your blog or website. RSS feeds is important in such that when some one visit RSS Feed then you get a visitor by visiting your blog or website from RSS Feeds.

Why We Should Make An Account Of RSS Feeds Burner:

It is important for some one when visitors come on your site or blog and if they like your content or articles of your blog and they want to visit your blog daily then they Subscribe your blog RSS feeds and get daily updates of your blog content. Like when you write a new post then they can easily access your blog for new articles.

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How To Make Account On Google RSS Feeds Burner:

You can easily make account on RSS feed by visiting Google RSS Feed Burner. I am going to give you some steps below how to Add RSS feed and how to Active RSS feeds.

  1. Go to
  2. Go to
  3. Search this word RSS Feeds Burner.
  4. Now click the link with RSS feeds Burner.
  5. When RSS Feed Burner is open then first you give your Password of your already login gmail account.
  6. When Feed Burner is open make sure your account is created and now active it.
  7. Click your blog or website feed title. Shown in the pic given below.
  8. When you click your blog title then click on Optimize Link near Analyze link.
  9. Go to Convert Format Burner link left side second last link.
  10. Now Active your feeds.
Your work is done now enjoy your feeds to make money also in Adsense and get more visitors by feed burner.

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