Simple | Easy Tutorial For Transfer Blogspot To Website

Simple | Easy Tutorial For Transfer Blogspot To Website
Jumat, 26 April 2013
In this tutorial i show you how to convert your Blogspot to Custom Domain or Website. There are many tricks to blogging but i suggest if you have a blog with better Alexa ranking then you should to convert it to custom domain or website by using Google Apps.


Why I Select Website Or Custom Domain To Convert Blospot:

When we start blogging to our blog then our aim is to get a good rank with my blog and that's also very important to get rank on Google. But blogspot is neglected by some people when they visit blog just for it is not self hosted domain its a hosted domain that's why we choose better thing to make better website or blog on search results. When you purchase a custom domain you should also use same link which is already run on search engine if you want to not change it for better search results and if you change it to blospot to .com then you can face some problems its not mean you can't changes it to blogspot to custom domain simple tricks or steps i give you below how to use blogspot with your own self hosted domain its very easy.

If you purchase a domain from using Google Apps then your website URL is automatically changes with very simple steps. But if you can't purchase from Google Apps then you faces a lot of problems with your website for having it that's why i suggest you use only Google Apps.

Simple | Easy Tutorial For Transfer Blogspot To Website

How To Purchase Domain Name From Google Apps:

This tutorial is so simple if you want to purchase domain name then read below tutorial.

  • Go to
  • Go to Setting.
  • Go to Blog Address.
  • Click Add a Custom Domain.
  • Click Check Availability.
  • Click Continue to Registration.
  • Fill the form very carefully and give correct info about everything.
  • Now click Term and Service.
  • Now click the Button written with I accept, proceed to Google Checkout.
  • Now Last Steps to Setup.

How To Set Up URL Link Using .COM:

When you purchase your custom domain name then your Blog URL is automatically changes to .COM with in one or two days and your blog all url like your every post url is convert to blogspot to .com easily.

Tips And Tricks For Blogger:

If you have already domain name and you want to redirect to your blogspot your to that domain which you have already purchase form somewhere then you can do simply also by redirect your blog url form that website url.

Start with Add a Custom Domain when you click then you see link Switch To Advance Setting click it and paste your website ULR and you have done. But you can also put some changes with hosting.

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