How To Increase Index Status In Webmaster Tools Tricks For Better SEO

How To Increase Index Status In Webmaster Tools Tricks For Better SEO
Sabtu, 20 April 2013
The tutorial is about how to index your blog very quickly on search engine because index pages are first appear in search results. If some one make a blog or website and submit sitemap to Google Webmasters then your pages are index by Google and appear in search results but if you have not submit your blog sitemap then your pages are not crawl or index by Google Search Engine or Google Bot.

What Is Mean By Index Status In Webmaster Tools:

In webmaster index status is how many pages or Url is index by Google of your blog. Their are lot of
tricks to index your pages quickly in search engine and get more visitors on your blog with organic search but if you have original content on your blog. Webmaster tools is very important to apply SEO on your blog or website like to make sitelinks, internal links, backlinks, authorship, sitemap, verification of blogger or website, and targeted country to get tons of visitors from targeted country.

How To Index Our Blog Pages Or URL Immediately:

If you want to index your pages or URL immediately in search engine with in one or two days then i tell you about very important tips or tricks to do so.

How To Increase Index Status In Webmaster Tools Tricks For Better SEO

Now Lets Start Tutorial To Index Your Blog Quickly:

When you are going to publish your post first check your time and write your post which you want to publish when post is published then submit your sitemap in webmaster tools. If you have not submit sitemap of your blog then first submit blog sitemap in webmaster tools by help of below links which tell you about how to submit blog sitemap.

Sitemap of Your Blogger Is Submitt to Major Search Engine
How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools 

When you submit your blogger sitemap to webmaster tools then take time about 6 hours and publish new post on your blog and you should publish about 3 to 4 post daily to your blog and submit your blog sitemap one by one and your pages or blog is index quickly on search engine and you get organic visitors about 5 posts on your blog if your blog is index.

Tips and Troubleshooting:

If you want to write 5 to 10 post daily then doesn't matter you can do this also but remember one thing submit your blog URL sitemap one by one means when your write post 1 then submit your sitemap in webmaster tools and after write your post 2 also submit sitemap like this you can publish to many post in a day to index your pages quickly.

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