How To Add Google Custom Search On Blog Or Website With Simple Tricks

How To Add Google Custom Search On Blog Or Website With Simple Tricks
Sabtu, 27 April 2013
In this tutorial i tell you how easily put Google Custom Search on blog or website. Best tips and tricks about adding custom search box on blog are given to you in this post.

What Is Google Custom Search:

Google Custom Search engine is simple a search box on your website which show you search results on web history on Google but there is a benefit when you put on your website page because people when search this box ads are appear in these results and you can easily make money form Google Custom Search box. If you have a account of Google Adsense then you can easily do this for making money from your website.

Now i am going to teach you how you can embed or put it on your website or blog using easy tricks. First of you have Adsense Account to make money.

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And Get Account Here ----> How I Can Get Approval From Google Adsense My Blog Or Website

How To Put Google Custom Search Box To Make Money:

This post and trick is very easy you can understand it easily i make this post very understanding to all type of people. Go head and check this out.
How To Add Google Custom Search On Blog Or Website With Simple Tricks

Login to Gmail.
Go to Webmaster Tools.
Click the blog or website link which you verify on webmaster tool if you can not verify your website or blog in webmaster tools then go to verify easily by using below link then proceed.

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When you verify you website then click your website link then you can see 5 links on left side of your webmaster tools page. Like below you can see.
  1. Configuration.
  2. Health.
  3. Traffic.
  4. Optimization.
  5. Labs
Click on last link Labs and then Custom Search you can see a page like this pic below.


Basic Configuration:

In basic configuration you can give some keywords in keyword box like tags or your blog related keywords like my blog is about blogging tricks then i put blogging, tricks, tutorials, blogger blogspot.Now give some keywords in this blog about your blog related. Now you can see a box Search Preferences here you see a link of my blog you can not put a blog or website link you can tick the second option write these word Search the entire web but emphasize included sites.
After Basic Configuration go to Look And Feel option.

Look And Feel:

Here you can manage your Custom Search Box for your blog or website means you can give some beautiful colors or location where you can put search box on your site or blog. Now next option is Make Money.

Make Money:

In this option you can give your Email address, Zip Code or Postal Code and 5 digit of your phone number. Now next and last option is Code.


Here you can get a code of your Custom Search Box which you can manage yourself and put it on your website easily because it is in HTML form or Code.

Now your work is done completely enjoy having fun.

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