How I Can Handle New Interface Of Blogger HTML Editor

How I Can Handle New Interface Of Blogger HTML Editor
Kamis, 18 April 2013
This tutorial is about new change of blogger background body language which is HTML. Now blogging is very strong and tough but some tricks are use to solve such these problem. I am going to tell you about how you can easily manage all these changes or new interface of the blogger background. When you are going to start blog in these days that is easy but in future its going very tough now blogger interface is totally changes and same as WordPress or PHP language type.

When you are going to change the background of your blog or embed some query for better optimization or some thing like this then you are going to Edit HTML then you see new interface of your blog background and how you can handle it i am going to learn you about this PHP language.

When you are going to change your blog background then use this tutorial to work easily. Imagine you are going to change the position of the your blogger ads between the post then you work same like previous interface but you can remember the query where you embed your code means if you are going to place ads between post then you can use this query <data:post.body/> just when you want some changes then paste it in the find box which is appear with Ctrl+F when you paste it you see below yellow highlighted query just paste your converted ads code above or below this code to show your ads in the post.

New Interface Of Blogger

I have some article below links which is very effective and same like this tutorial which help you.

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Blogger is the best way to make money easily but it is not so easy if you want to get more visitors then you are totally concentrate on your blog and if your blog get a better rank or page rank your Google Adsense Account is easily approved and you can make money easily. 

Blogger new interface is very easy if we learn it full focus it you want to do this then i have some link or article which is very same as new interface but you can make some change with your mind if your genius and that's all.

All these below post all give you ideas of how to make changes with blogger HTML interface it is old but same as new only pattern is change.

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