Easy Trick To Add Twitter Updates Gadget To Blogspot Blogger

Easy Trick To Add Twitter Updates Gadget To Blogspot Blogger
Kamis, 25 April 2013
In this tutorial you get trick to how add Twitter Widget to Blogger.com. Blogging is so simple if you want to add twitter followers gadget to blogspot then visitors attract to your blog. If twitter is used regularly then hundred of visitors you can daily get by twitter page. I have many tricks and methods of adding a Twitter updates widget/gadget to blogspot. Twitter is one of the best social working site to get a lot of visitors by just update your blog daily on twitter page. Twitter is also high ranking website and if your blog twitter page is available then your one backlinks is already make on search engine and when someone write your blog name on search results then your blog with twitter page is immediately appears on search results.

I know if you are new comers to Twitter then you feel it is very tough work but i tell you that it just very easy and you can easily do all of these easy tricks. First you sign up for Twitter on Twitter.com.

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Now Easy Tips And Tricks To Add Twitter Updates Gadget For Blogger.com:

I discuss easy tricks or method today but some points or tricks about Twitter Updates are discuss in next posts. The Twitter Updates gadget/widget are give a basic gadget only and if your are not too bothered with styling. This gadget/widget uses the styling from your blog based on the Blogger template you are using because we cannot changes there appearance at this moment. If you are interested more latest and fancy Twitter Updates Widget/Gadget then keep visiting my blog till that post which is about Twitter Updates Widget/Gadget.

Let's Start The Tutorial Adding Twitter Updates Gadget/Widget To Blogger:

  • Go to Blogger.com.
  • Go to Layout.
  • Click Add a Gadget/Widget.
  • Click on More Gadget/Widget and select the Twitter Updates Gadget/Widget for blogger.
  • Blogger changes their interfaces daily then don't worry if you not find it there then try to looking in Featured or Popular.
  • Enter your Twitter page name which you can make with your blog name.
  • Select the number of updates to appears on your blog twitter updates gadget/widget.
  • Click Updated to Preview.
  • Click Save Changes.

Your work is done now check how your trick is work.

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