How to Add Next Page Or Previous Page Navigation Number For Post In Blogger

How to Add Next Page Or Previous Page Navigation Number For Post In Blogger
Jumat, 01 Maret 2013
In this tutorial you will learn how to add the Next Page or Previous Page navigation widget in your blogger homepage. This tutorial is so easy to work on this Page Navigation Number. If you are ready for this then start this tutorial. When you add this navigation page in your blogger then the visitor which come on your blog is easily manage your blog and check your all previous or next post. This is also better for increase pageviews. 

Let's Go for working on this tutorial:

It is the one of the most important feature of a good blog or site in that it is very easy for the blog visitors to navigate throughout the site. A site which is structured in such a way that the visitors have to take efforts to move from one page to another is seen as poorly designed site. Blogger users are aware of the Newer Posts and Older Posts links at the bottom of the blog.


How To Install This Widget On Your Blogger?

  • Login in your
  • Go to Template > Edit HTML.
  • Click Expand Widget.
  • Press CTRL + F to find the </body> tag in your html page or Template.
  • When you find the </body> tag then paste the code above this code.

    Your Page Navigation Widget Code Is Here Click This Link To Get Code

      • When you paste this code above the </body> tag thenclick Save. Your work is done and click the view blog. Check your blog then page navigation is display on your blogger homepage. 
      • You can also customize this widget with your choice if you want to increase your page per post. Just you can find this highlighted code var pageCount =5; or your choice number.
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