How I Can Save My Blog Post Duplicate Content Problems

How I Can Save My Blog Post Duplicate Content Problems
Kamis, 14 Maret 2013
In this tutorial i am going to tell you about how you save blog with duplicate content problems. Because now a days Google has been taking strict actions over duplicate, farmed and scraped contents not with standing content of same diary is continual doubly in search results with totally different computer address, then it even be treated as duplicate contents. If archives and labels are indexed by Google then snippets in post page and archive, label page are same therefore Google bots can interpret them as duplicate content. And it should cut back then website crawl rate and programme traffic. Please do the subsequent steps to stop your diary blog from duplicate content issues.

Stop Google compartmentalization archives in blogger. For to prevent Google compartmentalization archives follow these given below steps.

  • Login to
  • Go to To Style --> Edit Markup language.
  • Now notice Ctrl+f tag and add the subsequent codes below tag.


Go to> Dashboard--> Setting --> Archiving
Now set archive frequency as no archive then save settings.
Now stop Google compartmentalization labels in Blogger Blogs.
To stop Google compartmentalization labels add nofollow to every label computer address, this could be done by following below steps.

  • Login To
  • Go to Style --> Edit Markup Language.
  • Now notice Ctrl+f tag then replace the on top of code with following one. If you enabled label cloud do the below steps.

Is Google Compartmentalization your posts on each home page and post page? Or each on post page computer address and post page computer address with ?m=0 or with other parameters at its end?

To cure this add canonical tag, simply do below step.

Is Google Compartmentalization your every post with 2 computer addresses post page computer address and post page URL with ?m=0

You can notice this by checking out site: URL inurl:?m=0 in Google (replace along with your diary address)  if you see results for the on top of question then your wish to try to the subsequent things.

Go to --> Dashboard --> Computer Address Parameters
Now Edit parameter m

Do this parameter amendment page content seen by the user? --> set affirmative 
Which URLs with this parameter ough to Googlebot Crawl? -->set No URLs
Save the on top of settings.
Muhamad Farid

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