How i Can Put Facebook Like Button in Blogger Post

How i Can Put Facebook Like Button in Blogger Post
Senin, 04 Maret 2013
In this tutorial i am going to learn you about how you can easily put Facebook like button in every blogger post. This tutorial is very easy and you can done in a seconds or minute. This is will not a fan page who like you it simple who like this post and share it to their friends and other peoples. If you want this then start this tutorial. You can put this button below your blogger post and above your blogger post.This share and like button is very good for your blog because people see to this share and like button first then read your article they see this because they estimate that this post is really good because people share it and like it you can also observe this your post which is very important and share many time then it also make more popularity.

How You Can Easily Add Like Button Below Every Blog Post:

  • Go to
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard.
  • Go to Template.
  • First take a backup of your blogger template which you can setup manually. Because when you make changes in your template if you have make any mistake then you can easily  restore your template. This tips is very helpful for your every time when you going to make some changes in your blogger HTML then pickup your blog template first. It is located on the top right side written as Backup/Restore.
  • Now go To Edit HTML.
  • Click Expand Widget and find this highlighted code.      <data:post.body/>
  • To find this code press CTRL+F and put this code in box you can see below.
  • When you find this then paste the Facebook Like Button code below the code which your find in your HTML body of your template. To get Facebook like button code click below link.

Click Here To Get Your Facebook Like Button Code

  • If you want to add the like button in below your post then paste this code below the find code.
  • And if you want to add the like button in the above body of your blog post then paste this code above it.
  • I have three type of facebook like button show in pictures.

Horizontal Facebook Like Button With Count:                    

Vertical Facebook Like Button With Count:

Facebook Like Button without Count:

This is very useful for blogger because some one easily checkout this how many people read and like this and share it this is the way to check out how many people read your post deeply. This is one of the main source to increase blog rank or traffic.

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