How I Can Link My Adsense Account With Google Analytic To Check Earning

How  I Can Link My Adsense Account With Google Analytic To Check Earning
Selasa, 05 Maret 2013
In this tutorial we are going to introduce new features with Google Analytic to check your status when you link Google Adsense with Google Analytic then you will check how many clicks you gain and from where you receive clicks. Integrate Adsense account with Analytic is the best way to see where your visitor comes and which source and browser is the best for you. It also tell you about which ads perform better with other on which browser also. You can easily check the user's experience. With integration you can check all the details like insight into Adsense account to improve your Adsense performance.

If you are link your Adsense account with analytic account in which your blog or website is linked you can check separately Adsense performance in your Adsense Section which is located in your analytic account. To make this features follow the below instruction.

  • Login in your Google Analytic account.
  • Pick the Google Analytic Code. Google Analytic code is available in your right side with admin link.
  • Click To Admin Show in Below Picture. Enlarge this pic to see clearly.

  • When you click this link you see Tracking Info next to your website profile.
  • When you click tracking info then you see four button with off click them to on all of these and copy your Google Analytic Code.
  • Paste this code in the <head> section of your blog or website template.
  • To find head section go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML.
  • Press CTRL+F to find head section paste <head> in the below finding box.
  • Below this <head> section paste your code.
  • Its all done but your Google Analytic account is not now link with Adsense this code is to check your traffic source and other ads optimization. This is also important to add for better optimization for ads.

Now The Next Step is Integration Adsense With Analytic Account:

  • Go to Adsense Account.
  • Click Home tab.
  • Go to Account Setting.
  • Go to Access and Authorization > Google Analytic Integration > Click Edit.
  • Click Analytic Account which you want to integrate with Google Adsense Account.
  • When you click then new tab is open in your browser. In analytic link Account.
  • In this tab dialog is appear in which your analytic property and analytic profile is click Continue.

Now your analytic account and Adsense Account is linked with each other all the features you can check without going in Adsense account. When your account is linked with each other then go to analytic account home page go to Content > Adsense > Overview. Check this out. More tips and tricks are given in related posts.

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