How I Can Get Approval From Google Adsense My Blog Or Website

How I Can Get Approval From Google Adsense My Blog Or Website
Kamis, 21 Maret 2013
How you can get approval from Google Adsense In this tutorial you will learn the most latest trick of approval of Adsense. If you run a blog or website then you can easily get approval from Google Adsense but some points are remember when you apply for Google Adsense. If you are blogging till six month then you can easily get approval from your website or blog. The simple and easy tips and tricks which is very useful for you to get account of adsense.

How Get Google Adsense Account:

I have blogging since two years on my website but i think that people are not properly aware from how to blogging then i start my blog with name of Trick Of Blogging and i decide i give the latest tips and tricks of blogging and show how to easily blogging ways. If you want to know about blogging then starting with my tutorial.

Tips And Tricks Of Getting Approval:

When you start blogging then keep in mind your blog is user friendly means if visitor comes on your site then they easily read and understand your post. The best ways to make your blog user friendly is use simple template. Make sure your blog bandwidth is fully compressed with all browsers and visitor like your blog bandwidth and they can't face any problem with your template. If you want to increase your website or blog traffic then decrease your website or blog loading page. If your blog is take to much time to open in any browser then reduce it. To reduce the page loading time with some tips and plugin then click the below link.

How I Can Reduce My Blog Page Loading Time For Blogger Blogspot

Make your post beautiful using the tools which is shown in the blog post.
Use social media website to tell about your blog to search engine.
Use better keywords to get organic traffic because Google give approval those website or blog which get daily 50 to 100 visitors on blog or website.

Some Of Very Important Tips When Applying To Google Adsense: 

  • If you have a blog with six month age then you can get easily approval.
  • Change your blogspot to custom domain .com when applying Google. Remember when your are going to register your domain  then use Google Apps for get register means
  • When applying to Google then keep in mind your website is complete and not in under construction.
  • When you are going to apply for Adsense tell him about your domain registration means when you are register your domain take your real name when going to register your domain means If you are applying to Google Adsense with your real Payee Name then you also register your domain like Payee Name.
  • Use Webmaster Tools to verify your custom domain to do so click below link.

How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools 

When you are writing your post check it by using this link that link is tell you about your post is copyright or original.
When you are writing your post you should give two or three keywords for tags and in search queries.
I have more tips about this tutorial but this post is going to long then i am going to break it there and write other post about this tutorial. If you ask me personally about how to apply to adsense then i really reply you when you going to comment me. I analyze your blog or website its complete or not.

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