How To Make Sitelink For Better SEO

How To Make Sitelink For Better SEO
Selasa, 26 Februari 2013
In this tutorial i am going to learn you about how to make your website sitelink. Sitelink is very important for any website. Because this shows to the researcher which type of content is write on your website page. If you make sitelink of your website you observes that your visitors increase by this tips.

Now Let's Start How To Make Better Sitelink For Your Domain For Better Search Engine Optimization
If you are know about this then well & Good but if you are not know about this then don't worry go with me and do this together if you have a blog then this tutorial is very easy to understand but if you have domain this is really difficult. Difficult for those people who think they can't do this. Let's Go to do.

If you have verify your domain or blog in the webmaster tools then half of your work is done. But if you have not verify your domain in the webmaster tools of not submit your sitemap then to do this click this link how to verify or submit sitemap for better SEO tips and you can also track your visitors by make your Google Analytic Account. If you have not do these tips then click this link to make these.

How To Make Sitelink For Better Search Engine Optimization:

If your domain or blog is verify and you have done all the steps in webmaster tools then go to Dashboard click your domain or blog link which is verify. Then do these following steps.

  1. Go Configuration.
  2. Click Sitelink.
  3. You See a page with demote button. 
  4. Give your page or post link in the blank box with Red Demote Button.
  5. Paste your Page URL or Post URL which you can show on search engine with your home page.
  6. Click demote and you have done this correctly.
Demote mean also to remove or replace your choice URL. When you do this after Six month it is correctly show your sitelink with your home page in search results. If you want to remove this sitelink then you can easily done this also simply click Remove Demotion. If any question is arise in your mind about this then you just comments me and i also reply this with my best answer.

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