How I Can Place Adsense Ads Between My Blog Post or Below Title Tags

How I Can Place Adsense Ads Between My Blog Post or Below Title Tags
Rabu, 27 Februari 2013
In this tutorial i am going to tell you about how you can easily place adsense ads in blog post or below your post title and in between post. If you want to place ads in the post with your content wrap then its also very easy to do. This method is also increase your clicks on ads and also increase your CPC.

The Below method is show you how you can easily place your ads in the blog post.

If you place your ads in between then go to your Adsense Account and login in your adsense account and make your ads unit which you want to place between the post. You can also match your ads with your page writing and colors also make your content beautiful. Now we start this tutorial.

Parse your Adsense Code which you place in post. For parsing your code click below


  1. Copy your converted code and paste on notepad.
  2. Now login in your
  3. Go to Template > Edit HTML.
  4. Click Expand Widget Template.
  5. Now Press Ctrl + F to find the below code in your template.


When you find this then copy below code and paste before/above this code.

<div style="text-align: center; margin: 10px 0 10px 0;">
Paste Your Convert/Parse Adsense Code Here

Now you have done and click save Template and view blog.
Muhamad Farid

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