How I Can Add Recent Post Moving In Down And Upward Direction

How I Can Add Recent Post Moving In Down And Upward Direction
Kamis, 28 Februari 2013
In this tutorial i am going to tell you about how to add the recent post with CSS query moving in down ward direction and upward direction. This tutorial is so easy to add this gadget in your blogger homepage. If you want to do this then start now. This section is very popular and most better to increase your page views and your page rpm. If you have put adsense also in your blog then that is the better solution to make more revenue because this increase your pageviewe.

Now Let's start this tutorial if you want to do this then go with me.

  • Go to your
  • Now open Layout.
  • Click the Add Gadget.
  • Scroll and find the HTML/JavaScript.

When you find this then click HTML/JavaScript click this link to get your recent post code for your homepage.            
                                                Get Your Code Here

When you copy your code then change the highlighted URL with your Blog homepage URL.

Now Paste the code in the HTML/JavaScript Box. Now you have done this and your homepage is more attract full to this feature. I have some other articles for make your blog better in search results and look like website.

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